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The Monkey King ist ein in Hongkong-chinesischer Action-Fantasy-Film unter der Regie von Cheang Pou-soi mit Donnie Yen als Titelprotagonist Sun Wukong. Yen fungiert auch als Action-Regisseur des Films. Die Produktion begann am Oktober. Sūn Wùkōng (chinesisch 孫悟空 / 孙悟空, W.-G. Sun Wu-k'ung) ist im klassischen chinesischen Der König der Affen; Monkey King – Ein Krieger zwischen den Welten (Serie); The Forbidden Kingdom; The Monkey​. von 64 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "the monkey king". „Odyssee“ oder dem „Zauberer von Oz“ in der westlichen Welt zu vergleichen ist, wird in „The Monkey King“, dem ersten Teil einer 3D-Trilogie, neu erzählt. The Monkey King ein Film von Pou-Soi Cheang mit Donnie Yen, Chow Yun-Fat. Inhaltsangabe: Schon seit Anbeginn der Zeit wachten die.

The Monkey King

„Odyssee“ oder dem „Zauberer von Oz“ in der westlichen Welt zu vergleichen ist, wird in „The Monkey King“, dem ersten Teil einer 3D-Trilogie, neu erzählt. The Monkey King ein Film von Pou-Soi Cheang mit Donnie Yen, Chow Yun-Fat. Inhaltsangabe: Schon seit Anbeginn der Zeit wachten die. The Monkey King ist ein in Hongkong-chinesischer Action-Fantasy-Film unter der Regie von Cheang Pou-soi mit Donnie Yen als Titelprotagonist Sun Wukong. Yen fungiert auch als Action-Regisseur des Films. Die Produktion begann am Oktober. Wissenswertes. Zum Beste Spielothek in Grobming finden. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Bewerte : 0. Ergebnisse: The Jade Emperor was enchanted by Livecasino Monkey King. Registrieren Einloggen. The Monkey King

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Bewerte : 0. Detective Dee und der Fluch des Seeungeheuers. Die gelernten Künste missbraucht er für allerlei Streiche. Budget -. Die Reise dauerte sechzehn Jahre, und nach seiner Rückkehr verfasste der Mönch einen ausführlichen Reisebericht.

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This includes spawned trees from Sprout and Iron Branch. When within range of a rune spot, it transforms Monkey King into a random rune suitable for that rune spot.

After his second death, it may also transform him into Cheese. After his third death, it may also transform him into Refresher Shard.

While Roshan is dead, Mischief always transforms Monkey King into Roshan himself, when cast within his pit. Monkey King's movement speed is set to while transformed when transformed as a courier.

Besides with hastes , his movement speed cannot be altered by anything. Monkey King's selection box adapts to the disguise models.

However, his collision size does not change. Monkey King's minimap icon is hidden to the enemy while disguised.

In addition, his over-head health and mana bar is hidden to everyone, including the player. Auto-attack ignores the Monkey King, so that lane creeps, neutral creeps, towers and fountains do not automatically attack him.

Units of players which have auto-attack enabled do not attack him automatically either, but can be forced to attack him. The ground-attack move also ignores him.

Monkey King is still fully affected by every spell. He can be targeted normally. Attachable particle effects of spells still attach to him. During the initial 0.

Damage greater than 0 dispels the effect. Does not get dispelled by damage flagged as HP Removal. Reverts Monkey King's shape to his original form.

Notes: Replaces Mischief until the disguise ends. Interrupts Monkey King's channeling spells, move order and attack order upon cast.

Ability Target Area. Affects Enemy Heroes. Damage Physical. Monkey King creates a circular formation of soldiers that spread out from his position.

If Monkey King leaves the area his soldiers disperse. The soldiers have Monkey King's attack and only target heroes.

Monkey King is granted bonus armor for the spell's duration. Cast Animation : 1. Third Ring Radius : 0 Leadership Radius : Passive Spawn Radius : 0 Passive Spawn Interval : 0 3.

Number of Third Ring Soldiers : 0 7. Spawns a monkey soldier near you at regular intervals. Soldiers do not spawn while invisible or on trees.

Soldiers only attack buildings when Monkey King himself is nearby. Fur Army Damage Bonus: Dispellable with death only. Monkey King rips out a tuft of fur to blow at his enemies, charging each strand to transform into a copy of himself.

Notes: Upon cast, 14 21 clones of Monkey King spawn which immediately walk to their determined spot in the formation. The clones walk at a speed of and have unobstructed movement, walking through cliffs and trees.

The formation they take is always the same except when space is limited by the edges of the map. The first ring soldiers form a pentagon within a radius circle, with the tip always facing north.

The second ring soldiers form a nonagon within a radius circle, with the tip always facing north as well. The third ring soldiers form a heptagon within a radius circle, with the tip always facing north as well.

The soldiers are invulnerable and considered hidden although visible , making them immune to almost every spell.

The soldiers are hero clones of Monkey King, copying all attributes of Monkey King, with some special exceptions. They are not illusions.

Their base stats adapt on every resummon e. Their attack speed is locked so that they always attack once every 1. Attack speed buffs and slows do not affect them.

Evaded attacks do not count. They keep attacking until they successfully hit, before going back to their inactive state. Their day and night vision is reduced to They provide the vision while walking to their spot and while standing there.

The clones only attack enemies they see. Invisible enemies and enemies inside the Fog of War within the circles are not attacked. The clones also copy most of Monkey King's items, and are therefore able to use attack modifiers and bestow auras he had upon cast.

The clones copy Echo Sabre , but the slow component does not work for them. While they receive the attack speed bonus, their fixed attack time prevents them from utilizing the increased attack speed unless the first hit is evaded.

The clones copy Abyssal Blade and Skull Basher , but are unable to bash with them. The clones copy Prince's Knife , Mind Breaker and Enchanted Quiver , but are unable to utilize their passive cooldowns they do activate Mind Breaker's magical damage procs though.

The permanent Aghanim's Blessing buff is copied as well. However, other permanent buffs e. Moon Shard , Duel are not copied.

Jingu Mastery does not work for the clones. They neither add stacks on enemies, nor gain the buff if Monkey King had it upon cast. Since the soldiers use regular attacks, their damage is reduced by damage block.

The soldiers only attack enemy heroes, clones, creep-heroes and illusions which are inside the circle. Other units and any unit outside the circle are fully ignored, even when within attack range of a soldier.

If Monkey King moves more than range away from the center of the circle, or when he dies, the soldiers disappear and the spell ends.

Recasting Wukong's Command while a previous cast is still active immediately ends the previous cast. The passive spawns from Aghanim's Scepter are on a recharge time, not an interval.

This means when it finishes recharging, but Monkey King is in a state that doesn't allow passive spawns, it spawns the soldier as soon as circumstances allow it.

Soldiers do not spawn while affected by the Tree Dance bounce leap and bounce perch modifiers, during Mischief , while fully invisible , during certain banishment spells, or while dead.

Unlike soldiers from a regular cast, passively spawned soldiers can attack any unit, but require Monkey King to be within range of them to attack buildings.

When requiring the upgrade, it starts with a charge, so that a soldier spawns instantly. Increased base armor from -2 to 1. Reduced Wukong's Command soldiers attack rate from 1.

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All rights reserved. Traditionally, many people practice both religions simultaneously. However, the origins of local religion dated back centuries.

These diverse religions incorporated elements such as gods and doctrines from other religions and cultures, such as totem worship and traditional legends.

This stone is no ordinary stone, however, because it receives the nurture of heaven yang , which possesses a positive nature, and earth yin , which possesses a negative nature, and thus is able to produce living beings according to Taoist philosophies.

The stone develops a magic womb, which bursts open one day to produce a stone egg about the size of a ball. When the wind blows on the egg, it turns into a stone monkey that can already crawl and walk.

As his eyes move, two beams of golden light shoot toward the Jade palace and startle the Jade Emperor.

When he sees the light he orders two of his officers to investigate. They report the stone monkey, and that the light is dying down as the monkey eats and drinks.

The Jade Emperor believes him to be nothing special. On the mountain, the monkey befriends various animals and joins a group of other monkeys.

After playing, the monkeys regularly bathe in a stream. One day, they decide to seek the source of the stream and climb the mountain to a waterfall.

They declare that whoever goes through the waterfall, finds the stream's source, and comes out again will become their king.

The stone monkey volunteers and jumps into the waterfall. He finds a large iron bridge over rushing water, across which is a cave.

He persuades the other monkeys to jump in also, and they make it into their home. Sun Wukong then reminds them of their prior declaration, so they declare him their king.

He takes the throne and calls himself Handsome Monkey King. This happiness wouldn't last. When one of his older monkey friends dies, the Monkey King is very upset.

He decides to strive out of his island on a self made raft, in search of an Immortal to teach him knowledge and how to beat death. He comes ashore to and wanders around.

Humans see him and flee, uncertain of his monkey humanoid appearance. He takes some clothes that were left out to dry, and continues on foot.

His face hidden by a hood, he travels through towns and sees many examples of human degeneracy and vice. He continues on and into a forest.

The Monkey King hears a Woodcutter singing an interesting song, and when questioning the Woodcutter about the origin he learns he was taught it by an Immortal who resides in the forest.

The Monkey King comes to the entrance of a temple of which resides a magical taoist martial named Subhuti, who initially refuses to let him in.

The Monkey King waits outside the entrance for many months, refusing to leave. Subhuti is impressed with his persistence and allows the Monkey King to enter.

Subhuti accepts the Monkey King as a student, teaching him all advanced taoist practices including the way of Immortality, telling Sun Wukong it was his destiny to know.

Subhuti later advises Sun Wukong never to needlessly show off his skills, for to do may encourage others to ask him to teach them.

He counsels that if you do teach them, they may go on to cause trouble, and if you don't teach them, they will resent you for it.

He then forbids the Monkey King from ever revealing who taught him, and loyal Sun Wukong promises never to reveal who his Master was.

With that Sun Wukong awakes back in the forest, realizing all the years of teaching had taken place in some form of compressed time trance. Later, whenever Sun Wukong is asked about his powers and skills, he gives an honest answer when saying that he learned it all in his dreams.

The Monkey King establishes himself as a powerful and influential demon. On hearing that Dragon Kings possess many treasures, and in search of a weapon, he travels to the oceans and finds the palace of a Dragon King.

Sun Wukong barges in anyway, brushing off protests from the guards, insisting the Dragon King must be confused to turn away a fellow King.

Inside he introduces himself and encourages the Dragon King to bestow him a weapon. Quickly realizing Sun Wukong is quite formidable, the Dragon King feigns willingness and hospitality, ordering his underlings to bring out weapon after weapon.

Sun Wukong tests each weapon, but none are robust enough for the Monkey King who is unhappy at the situation. The Monkey King is the only creature strong enough to wield the staff-like weapon and there is an instant affinity between them.

The Golden-banded staff can change its size, elongate, fly and attack opponents according to its master's will. When not wielding the weapon, the Monkey King shrinks it down to the size of a sewing needle and stores it in his ear.

In addition to taking the magical staff, the Monkey King encourages the Dragon King to gift him attire fit for a King. The phoenix -feather cap was one of the treasures of the dragon kings , a circlet of red gold adorned with phoenix feathers.

Traditionally it is depicted as a metal circlet with two striped feathers attached to the front, presumably the signature plumage of the Fenghuang or Chinese phoenix.

Sun Wukong thanks the Dragon Kings and leaves happy. Upon his return to the mountain, he demonstrates the new weapon to his monkey tribe and draws the attention of other beastly powers, who seek to ally with him.

The Monkey King, now sentenced to death for extorting the Dragon Kings, then defies Hell's attempt to collect his soul.

He wipes his name out of the Book of Life and Death, a collection of books claimed to have every name of every mortal alive and the ability to manipulate lifespan, along with the names of all monkeys known to him.

Hoping that a promotion and a rank amongst the gods will make him more manageable, the Jade Emperor invites the Monkey King to Heaven.

The Monkey King believes he is receiving an honorable place as one of the gods as he is told he will be made 'Protector of the Horses' a fancy term the Heavens coined for a stable-boy the lowest job in heaven.

When he discovers the importance of status in Heaven, and how he has been given the lowest position, the Monkey King sets the Cloud Horses free from the stable, then returns to his own kingdom and proclaims himself The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

The Heavens are reluctantly forced to recognize his title, after Gold Star advises the highly offended Jade Emperor against rushing into military action to kill the 'brash, rude and imprudent' monkey, counseling that resorting to force to subdue to monkey would be good if they succeed, but asks to consider if they fail, which would harm the reputation of Heaven.

Gold Star advises the Jade Emperor formally recognize Sun Wukong's title, knowing that it will greatly please the Monkey King, but to simply consider him as a pet, bringing him back to Heaven and so ensuring he causes no trouble on earth.

The Jade Emperor agrees after Gold Star laughs that in reality the fanciful title is meaningless and is more of a revealing joke about Sun Wukong's over confidence and ignorance to the important wider works of Heaven.

Sun Wukong is suspicious of a trap, but is happy when Gold Star, acting as an envoy, presents him with the official papers and addresses him as Great Sage Equal of Heaven.

Later, when seven heavenly maidens are sent by the Queen Mother to pluck peaches for the Royal Banquet, Sun Wukong discovers every important god and goddess has been invited to the Royal Banquet, but that he is excluded from invitation.

When he tells them he is Great Sage Equal of Heaven, the maidens giggle, telling him that everyone in Heaven knows that it is simply a title and he is just an immortal who takes care of the peach garden.

Sun Wukong's indignation then turns to open defiance. The Monkey King goes to see the preparations for the Royal Banquet, tries some of the fine foods and then consumes some of the royal wine.

Get the Latest News. When a travelling monk is stranded in a wasteland, The Monkey King must escort him across the land to retrieve sacred scriptures and protect him from an evil demon.

Because of the drought around the world, Mountain Huaguo with a water source is harassed by powerful monsters around.

To investigate the cause of the drought and also obtain a suitable Entering the mythical world of the Monkey King, where a young monk and his group of disciples are on a journey to collect scrolls of Buddhist wisdom.

Serial billionaire kidnapper Logan has been savaging Hong Kong. Now, his gang is aiming the dart beyond Hong Kong, at an affluent Macau regal. Life is an adventure for a young monkey and her son, living among ancient ruins in the jungle.

But when her family is forced from their home, she must lead them to safety amidst strange new creatures and surroundings.

Four friends come together, each of them with their own problems, to celebrate their long time friendship they used to have when they were younger.

Excessive partying puts each of them out if their comfort zone An illegal immigrant from Mainland China sneaks into corrupt British-colonized Hong Kong in , transforming himself into a ruthless and emerging drug lord.

Tang Sanzang, an aspiring Buddhist hero tries to protect a village from three demons. He develops complex feelings for Miss Duan, the demon hunter who repeatedly helps him, and finally quests to meet the legendary Monkey King.

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Übersetzung im Kontext von „monkey king“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Another great Vanara, the monkey king Vali, lived at the place which. Erfahren Sie hier alle Infos zum Film "The Monkey King 2" und kaufen Sie online Karten für den Film im Kino Gruppe.

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🔥The Monkey King Full HD Hindi Movie 2020 Beispiele, die König der Affen enthalten, ansehen 2 Beispiele Was Bedeutet Cluster Übereinstimmungen. NEWS - Videos. He is accompanied by the monkey king Sun Wukong Aaron Kwok The Monkey King gets the chance by the goddess of forgiveness to atone for his sinful deeds by protecting the monk. Warum nicht versuchen, spielen monkey King SlotsSie können auch Vault spielen, einfach mit der Registrierung als Gast. Why not try playing monkey King Slots, you Beste Spielothek in Dedenhausen finden even play free simply by registering as guest. Verleiher. Am Anfang, als Sun den Himmel erobert, ist er egoistisch und genusssüchtig und gleicht sehr den Dämonen, die er später bekämpft, und die Beliebteste Sportart Der Welt Schwierigkeiten bei der Entwicklung von Einsicht und Mitgefühl stehen. Dank der Lehre bei verschiedenen daoistischen Meistern erlernt Sun Wukong nicht nur das Kämpfen, sondern auch die Fähigkeit, sehr hoch zu springen und sich auf 72 verschiedene Weisen zu verwandeln. Jackie Chans Erstschlag. Nun kann er nicht nur auf fliegenden Wolken reiten, sondern auch die Handlungen von Menschen einfrieren und sich selbst in 72 verschiedene Kreaturen verwandeln. Beispiele für die Übersetzung Affenkönig ansehen 42 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen.

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Lotterie Amerika Chow Yun-Fat. Inhalt möglicherweise unpassend Entsperren. Cheung Siu Fai. Übersetzung für "monkey king" im Deutsch. Affenkönig platzte uneingeladen in das Bankett. During the leap, Monkey King still remember last given order and complete it once landing happens. Clear your history. Upon the fourth hit on the same enemy hero, Monkey King earns four Dr Kalke attacks that have bonus damage and lifesteal. While on cooldown on a tree, Monkey King is disarmed and he cannot move, which prevents him from getting off the tree with move Beste Spielothek in Obenberg finden attack commands. Here are three streaming picks that capture the spirit of Christopher Nolan 's mind-bending masterpiece in their own way. Production began in Beijing on 18 October [6] and was filmed in 3D. Subhuti later advises Sun Wukong never to needlessly show off his skills, for to do may encourage others to ask him to teach them. The Monkey King

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